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Hot Banana Chicken Curry

Serves 4

  • 3 large Chicken Breasts, Cut into strips

  • 275ml (½ pint) Chicken Stock

  • 1 x 200g jar of Isabella’s Hot Banana Chutney

  • 200ml of Coconut Milk (½ a 400ml tin)

  • Oil for frying

  1. Heat a little oil in a large frying pan.

  2. Stir fry the chicken in the oil until cooked.

  3. Pour the chicken stock into the frying pan, allow to simmer over a medium heat until the stock has reduced by a third.

  4. Add the jar of to the pan and stir.

  5. Pour in the coconut milk and bring back to a gently simmer.

  6. Check for seasoning and serve

   This dish can be served with rice, warm Naan bread or a leafy salad.


Try Isabella’s Hot Banana Chutney with Chicken, Ham, Cheese, with a baked potato or in a toasted Baguette.

It is even good with Fish & Chips!

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